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Pro-Trump Reporter Desperately Tries to Explain Wearing Mask

An on-scene host for a right-wing live stream from President Donald Trump‘s rally in Tulsa extensively explained and asked to be excused by Trump supporters for her decision to wear a mask at the massive rally during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For two full minutes, Liz Willis of Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) practically scrambled as she attempted to not only explain why she was going to wear a mask (concern for her family’s health among the reasons) but to placate or in some way stave off the anticipated wrath of Trump’s very anti-mask base.

“I go back and forth with wearing my mask,” said Willis at one point. She added, “I think it’s just better to be safe than sorry” several times.

“It is truly just us trying to be as safe as possible. We just don’t want to be stupid and regret any decisions,” said Willis at about the halfway point. “So I truly do hope that you guys can respect that and you can support us in our decisions to just try and go on the side of safety with this one.”

Willis made a point of noting that RSBN has “in no way asked us or enforced us to wear masks or not to wear masks, this is completely our decision.”

Willis concluded her explanation by saying “really we’re putting ourselves out there. No one is forcing us to be here but we want to be here because we want to show you guys what’s going on, so please respect that.”

“Please support us and just know that we’re not fake news,” said Willis to end that portion of their live stream.

The extensive disclaimer was not unprompted, it seems. Also on the broadcast, making an appearance just at the end of the clip above, was RSBN’s Jordan Parker, who tweeted that some viewers or perhaps attendees were calling the on air personalities “slaves” for wearing masks.

For everyone who called me and my colleagues “slaves” for wearing masks, there’s a reason we do,” he wrote, sharing a link to the story about the six Trump staffers who helped set up the rally and tested positive for Covid-19.

RSBN is a YouTube channel and website which sets up live streams from a variety of Trump events and, as you can tell by the name, does so in support of Trump and Republicans. The Twitter feed describes the network as the “#1 source for @realDonaldTrump rallies and events.”

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