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I was wrong, the evidence is clear - masks work

In March this year, I submitted an opinion piece to this newspaper regarding face masks and their relative effectiveness in preventing the spread of coronavirus. In the piece, I took what was then the standard line from the American Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which recommended handwashing, physical distancing, avoiding touching your face, covering your mouth when coughing and staying home if you had flu-like symptoms.

Wearing a mask was not one of the CDC’s bullet points for avoiding the virus at the time. I then went on to argue that masks played only a minor role, and at best were only good for stopping those who were already infected from spreading the virus further.

File photo: Tom Grundy/HKFP.

The response from the editor was gracious but HKFP rejected my piece, essentially saying that the jury was still out on the usefulness of masks.

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