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Chris Evans announces new plan for his 500 Words competition after BBC axe project | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

“It’s a real shame,” he moped, before hinting at listeners to petition against the decision.

“Feel free to text and tweet, very politely, very subtly, the BBC saying ‘How about not cancelling 500 Words cos that might be the best idea ever?’ Do that please.”

Releasing a statement, the broadcaster said of their decision: “When Chris decided to leave the BBC to join Virgin Radio, he agreed for 500 Words to be produced and broadcast by Radio 2 for two further years, which has allowed the initiative to complete a full decade.”

A spokesperson for the company also added: “It was a decision taken by the Radio 2 team given it had been on air for a full decade – including the two years that had been agreed with Chris Evans after he left the BBC.”

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