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Adele's classic Glastonbury 2016 set – follow it live!

With Glastonbury off this year, join us to watch the screening Adele’s Pyramid stage triumph on BBC Two

10.09pm BST

“I’m on the fackin’ side screen at Glastonbury, wheeeey!” Love the laddish energy here. She was like this at Wembley too, firing T-shirt cannons into the audience and comparing those poles of popcorn bags to sex dolls. I bet she’d organise an amazing and really depraved stag do. Adele would 100% duck-tape you to a lamppost in a French maid outfit, without suncream on.

10.07pm BST

It’s just occurred to me that the verses of Skyfall and Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime share a lot of DNA.

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