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Where did the artist paint this picture? The great British art quiz | Culture

This quiz is brought to you in collaboration with Art UK, the online home for the UK’s public art collections, showing art from more than 3,000 venues and by 45,000 artists. Each day, a different collection on Art UK will set the questions.

Today, our questions are set by Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums. The gallery is home to one of the finest collections in the UK, with works by historic and contemporary Scottish artists, designers and makers such as Henry Raeburn, Joan Eardley, Samuel Peploe, Rachel Maclean and Bill Gibb, as well as internationally acclaimed artists including Barbara Hepworth, Francis Bacon, Tracey Emin and Claude Monet. It reopened in 2019 following a landmark redevelopment.

You can see art from Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums on Art UK here. Find out more on the Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums website here.

Auguste Rodin created the first version of the sculpture L’Homme qui Marche (The Walking Man) in 1877. The version in Aberdeen was made in 1951 and is the last cast from Rodin’s original mould. Who does the sculpture represent?

Artist Joseph Farquharson was nicknamed Frozen Mutton for his frequent subject choice of sheep in the snow near his family home in Finzean, Aberdeenshire. Where was Farquharson when he painted these pictures?

Art critic William Feaver once called Joan Eardley’s seascapes “spuming escarpments”. What is the Italian word to describe the technique Eardley used when she applied paint thickly to the surface of her canvas?

In 1912, John William Waterhouse sold this recently completed painting to Aberdeen Art Gallery. Which character from Greek mythology is depicted here?

Aberdeen-born portrait painter George Jamesone is the first Scottish figure to emerge in the 17th century as an individual artistic personality. Which of the following has he been flatteringly described as?

This is a self-portrait by Aberdeenshire-born artist James McBey. He is associated with a revival in interest in which art form in the early 20th century?

To Pastures New was painted by Scottish artist Sir James Guthrie in 1883. It is one of the most popular paintings in Aberdeen Art Gallery’s collection. How old was Guthrie when he painted it?

Which French neoclassical painter first inspired artist Alison Watt during childhood visits to the National Gallery, London?

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