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The Recorder - From greatest country to sickest

Published: 5/15/2020 3:34:37 PM

Modified: 5/15/2020 3:34:25 PM

Well, over one million sick and over 80,000 deaths, and the numbers continue to rise. Where’s greatness when you need it? Who would have thought, the greatest nation on the planet is now the sickest?

How nice it would have been to have the right people in place when this all started. Not to mention listening to warnings back in 2016 about future pandemics coming. Amazingly, if our country started preparing then, this whole moment would look different.

Instead the current administration went the opposite way. While draining the swamp, they obviously made the wrong choices. The CDC would be the last place you would want to make cuts. That move should have us all concerned.

So now our dictator and thief is in charge of how this is all going to play out. I’m sure he has a master plan for us, right? He’s not only a “genius” but also “perfect,” so no worries, right? So as he and Pence run around with no masks, (possibly spreading sickness), they’re sending out the wrong message.

We will continue to have a body count. As long as our dictator continues to run the whole show, he better start accepting some responsibility. He should stop blaming others for his obvious faults. He’s only fooling the blind sheep — no one else.

He missed the bus on this pandemic, and he knows it. As always, he will blame others for his constant misdoings. So please, less tweeting — less blaming — less hating; he needs to do some more leading for a change. Basically, he should shut up and get the job done! Too much arrogance, not enough action. Never any action with this guy. Just all talk. So I say— God bless all countries — no exceptions. Fake president.

Jeremy Williams


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