As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, we tell the story of one sector of the work force that is trying to get by in the down economy.


Some people staying home during the coronavirus pandemic have picked up new hobbies, started baking or binge-watched their favorite shows. Chris Woodhead is giving himself a new tattoo every day.

Woodhead, who lives in London and works at a tattoo studio called Maria Paradise, began tattooing himself each day while he is isolation with his pregnant wife, Ema on March 17. Britain, which became the first European country to confirm more than 30,000 coronavirus deaths Tuesday, began a total lockdown in March. As the rate of deaths and hospitalizations declined the government prepared to take tentative steps out of lockdown.

“I have been tattooing myself every day for 50 days now which is getting kind of crazy,” Woodhead said in an email to USA TODAY.

He is documenting the process on his Instagram account @adverse.camber. Woodhead said the idea came “quite naturally,” adding that it’s kind of a rite of passage for tattoo artists to tattoo themselves while they are learning.

Woodhead said he’s no stranger to tattooing himself, but it’s been challenging to do on spots like his chest and the backs of his legs. He said the project has helped him learn a lot of new techniques and made him appreciate hard work.

“I miss working but also I’ve had to apply myself to achieve something out of this time and I won’t take the ease of working from a studio for granted when I do get back to working properly again,” he said.

He said he’s done some tattoos that were inspired by the current situation, but there were many he’d already drawn up. As an artist, he said he’s constantly drawing and has no shortage of new ideas.

“My thing at the moment is looking at spare space on my body and trying to draw something up to fit in that space specifically,” said Woodhead who already had upwards of 1,000 tattoos before the process started. “It’s a challenging process and quite fun.”

But, Woodhead warned, anyone who is not a professional tattoo artist should not attempt a similar challenge.

“Don’t do this at home, get tattooed by professionals like myself,” he said.

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