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Rosemary Seifert-Graf: Increase SNAP benefits

Published: 5/22/2020 2:54:46 PM

Modified: 5/22/2020 2:54:34 PM

The government must not forget to support SNAP (food stamps) in the next relief package. A recent survey by Brookings Institute found among mothers with young children, nearly one in five say their children are not getting enough to eat during this pandemic. That is a rate three times as high as 2008 during the Great Recessio​​​​​​​n. This should deeply concern us all, especially our elected leaders in Washington.

Congress must guarantee that everyone who need nutrition assistance is able to get it and increase benefits to better serve struggling families in the next COVID​​​​​​​-19 relief package. They can do this by increasing the maximum SNAP benefit nationwide, raising the minimum benefit to $30 per month, and removing barriers to get this nutrition assistance put there by the Trump administration. This is not hard to see as the pandemic continues, unemployment soar, and our “economy runs on fumes.”

Our leaders concerned about the economy should focus on SNAP, whose benefits are one of the fastest and most effective economic stimulus because they get money into the economy quickly. This is the relief struggling families and our country needs now.

Rosemary Seifert-Graf


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