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Richard Madeley blasts plans that would see older wife Judy in quarantine longer than him | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

He revealed that she had received a letter from Health Secretary Matt Hancock asking her, and all other over-70s, to stay indoors for 12 weeks. Richard, who writes a Daily Express column with his wife, said: “That would mean Judy and I couldn’t go out together. It’s ludicrous.

“For some couples, if one can go out and one has to stay in, what is it going to do to them? It’s obviously going to put a strain on things.”

He added: “We are either all in this together or we’re not. You can’t just specifically target one group and ignore the others.

“It’s ridiculous – they need to have a rethink.”

Richard, best known for hosting ITV’s This Morning with Judy, also pointed out that the plan would be difficult to enforce.

He said: “Do you stop someone if they might look over 70, or should they have to carry a passport or a driving licence?

“I don’t think that’s going to happen.

“All at-risk groups should be allowed to assess the situation… and be trusted to use their intelligence.”

He added that “times are changing” and “70 is the new 55”.

He spoke as Mr Hancock appeared to contradict official advice yesterday when he tweeted: “The clinically vulnerable, who are advised to stay in lockdown for 12 weeks, emphatically DO NOT include all over-70s.”

The Government’s website says all over-70s “regardless of medical conditions” should isolate for 12 weeks.

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