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Poetry gives way to politics in work of reclusive Hong Kong illustrator Lau Kwong Shing

With a billboard wrapped around the windows blocking all natural light, it is impossible to tell the time in the flat where Lau Kwong Shing has hunkered down for months. Days melt into the nights and his body clock is all messed up.

Except for a stroll in the dead of the night and an occasional dance in the dark to cure insomnia, the comic artist is hard at work. And the evidence is everywhere: a plastic bag full of wood shavings, a pile of 4B-6B graphite pencils on the desk and a thick stack of sketches by the scanner he uses to upload the drawings.

Lau Kwong Shing. Photo: Rachel Cheung.

Anyone who has followed the protests in Hong Kong would no doubt recognise the works of the 29-year-old, who delivered criticism with bold pencil strokes and a wicked sense of humour.

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