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Lidl garden event: The best indoor and outdoor plants you can buy from Middle of Lidl

Gardening has taken the nation by storm during the weeks of lockdown, with many taking the time to prune, plant and improve their green spaces. Plants don’t have to be expensive, and now Lidl has a garden event for shoppers to satisfy any green-fingered needs.

French Lavender – £4.99

With an iconic fragrance, this French lavender will attract bees and butterflies to your garden in no time.

This lavender blooms almost continuously from mid-late spring to late summer.

Latin name Stoechas Anouk, this plant should be planted in full sun and watered regularly.

Height: 35cm

Pot size: 17cm

Dianthus Pink Kisses – £2.79

Add some colour to your garden with Dianthus Pink Kisses, which if cared for produce hundreds of lovely clove-scented flowers every year.

This plant features richly coloured flowers and thrives in sunny spots in pots, beds or borders.

Height : 10.5cm

Pot size: 22-25cm

On sale from Sunday, May 3

Marguerite – £7.99

If you’re after a plant with a little height, this pretty perennial is a nice addition to flower beds, borders or containers.

Marguerite daisy flowers are great butterfly and other pollinator attractors to turn your garden into an insect’s paradise.

This plant flowers in spring, summer and autumn, with evergreen foliage.

Height: 80cm

Pot size: 19cm

Geranium Glandiflorum – £2.59

Glandiflorum is a rewarding garden plant as it is versatile and adapts to any garden situation.

You can plant it as part of a shrubby border, rockery or even around a pond.

Available in red, white and assorted bicolour varieties

Height: 25cm
Pot size: 12cm

Trailing Geranium – £1.69

Geraniums can give colour throughout the summer months to patios, balconies and gardens.

They can be grown outdoors in containers and flower beds or indoors all year round.

Height: 30cm
Pot size: 12cm

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