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Jimmy Kimmel Plays 'Millionaire' With His Kids, And 'Diarrhea' Happens

Like many parents during the coronavirus lockdown, Jimmy Kimmel has his go-to subjects to keep his kids entertained.

Jane Kimmel, 5, seemed interested enough in the game as she aced questions about “Frozen 2” and the solar system.

But 3-year-old Billy Kimmel wasn’t having it until Dad asked a question that was right in the little guy’s wheelhouse: What was Billy’s favorite word? The choices included pizza, nap time, diarrhea or Daddy.

His face lit up and he nailed the answer: “Diarrhea!”

Billy’s pop, who hosts the real “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” probably won’t have as much fun with the adult contestants on the network game show (which airs Thursday on ABC), but that’s show biz.

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