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Hongkongers' support of pro-democracy shops 'violates' the free market, says Beijing

Beijing’s office in Hong Kong has slammed shoppers’ support for pro-democracy businesses as “violating” free market principles.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the office said “extreme radicals” had initiated illegal assemblies, disturbed shops and hurled petrol bombs during the May 1 holiday, despite demonstrations remaining low-key. It accused opposition lawmakers of using the “yellow economy” promotion to secure seats in the Legislative Council election in September, claiming that Hong Kong’s economy had been “kidnapped” by politics.

Citizens lined up outside a “yellow” shop in Causeway Bay on May 1. Photo: Rachel Wong/HKFP.

“Opposition lawmakers ignored the rules of the free market and made an utmost effort in hyping up the so-called ‘yellow economic circle’,” the statement read.

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