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Gardening tips: pick a sunny spot for strawberries | Life and style

Try this Pots of strawberries can be planted now: they need fertile soil to produce juicy berries, so dig some homemade compost or soil improver into the ground first. Choose a sunny, sheltered spot and plant so the growing tip, or crown, is level with the soil surface: plant 40cm apart, with 75cm between rows. ‘Mara des Bois’ is a good choice for flavour-packed fruit.

Plant this Lady’s mantle (Alchemilla mollis) is the Bez of the plant world – so laid-back that you can put it in full sun or deep shade, and it will keep on dancing. Lime-green lacy flowers, that bloom from early to late summer, sit above scalloped leaves. Cut a few to enjoy indoors. Height and spread, 60x60cm.

Hear this If you miss conversations with gardening friends, why not listen in to someone else’s? Plantrama is a podcast in which writers Ellen Zachos and CL Fornari discuss – and disagree about – plants.

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