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FDA Authorizes Emergency Use of Remdesivir to Treat Coronavirus

President Donald Trump announced on Friday that the FDA has authorized the emergency usage of Gilead drug Remdesivir to treat the coronavirus.

Trump made the announcement alongside Gilead CEO Daniel O’Day, who promised reporters that his company would donate more than one million vials of the drug.

“I am pleased to announce that Gilead now has an EUA from the FDA for Remdesivir,” Trump said. “An important treatment for hospitalized coronavirus patients and something I spoke with Dr. Kahn, and Dr. Fauci, I spoke with Deborah [Birx] about it, and it’s really a very promising situation. We have been doing work with the teams and the FDA, NIH, Gilead for spearheading this public-private partnership to make this happen quickly.”

“We want to thank the collaborators that brought Remdesivir to this point,” O’Day added. “And, in fact, really the thanks go to the patients and caregivers who participated in these clinical trials.”

Gilead recently released results from one of their ongoing trials, which looked into how patients with the coronavirus responded to Remdesivir. According to Gilead’s statement on the clinical trial, the drug shortens the recovery time of some hospitalized coronavirus patients by 31 percent.

White House coronavirus task force member Dr.Fauci also highlighted the drug’s effectiveness during an Oval Office presser later on Wednesday.

“It’s highly significant. If you look at the time to recovery being shorter in the Remdesivir arm, it was 11 days compared to 15 days, and that’s a p-value for the scientists who are listening of 0.001. So that’s something, although a 31 percent in improvement doesn’t seem like a knock out 100 percent, it is a very important proof of concept,” he told reporters.

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