Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini have fond memories of “The Facts of Life,” the 1980s sitcom that’s featured in their new Netflix series “Dead to Me.” (May 17)

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Spoiler alert! Contains major plot points from Season 1 of Netflix’s “Dead to Me.” 

Your favorite scheming, wine-swilling suburbanites are back. 

“Dead to Me,” Netflix’s twisty crime comedy about two unlikely friends (Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini), is back for a second season Friday.

The dark, binge-worthy show, created by Liz Feldman (“2 Broke Girls”), became a mid-size hit for Netflix when its first 10 episodes premiered last summer: The streaming service claimed it was sampled by more than 30 million viewers in its first month. Applegate, best known for Fox sitcom “Married … with Children,” was nominated for Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards as best actress. 

If you’re new to the series or simply need a refresher, here’s what you should know going into Season 2. 

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Where did we leave off? 

In the Season 1 premiere of “Dead to Me,” the uptight Jen (Applegate) and freewheeling Judy (Cardellini) meet at a grief therapy group and bond over the recent losses of their partners.

But we quickly learn that Judy is harboring big secrets, including that her abusive fiance, Steve (James Marsden), is still very much alive. Further complicating matters, Judy and Steve were responsible for killing Jen’s husband, Ted, in a hit-and-run accident. 

Feeling intense guilt, Judy seeks out Jen and strikes up a fast friendship, eventually moving into her house and helping take care of Jen’s two sons. In turn, Jen opens up to Judy about her less-than-perfect life, including her emotional decision to get a double mastectomy and Ted’s resulting infidelity. 

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But things go south by the season’s end, as Jen takes her husband’s unsolved death into her own hands. Fearing that Jen is closing in on the truth, Judy confesses her role to Jen and their friendship is seemingly severed for good. That is, until Steve shows up at Jen’s house late one night and reveals that he was the one who forced Judy to avoid going to the police about the accident. 

After a heated confrontation in her backyard, Jen shoots Steve with her husband’s gun and he falls into the pool. Jen calls Judy, who had just made an unsuccessful suicide attempt by jumping in front of a speeding car. The two are left wondering what to do with Steve’s body as the credits roll. 

What’s next in Season 2? 

The second season picks up almost immediately after the Season 1 cliffhanger, as Jen and Judy try to move on with their lives, even as they’re newly bound together by the secret of Steve’s murder. How do they dispose of his body? And will Steve’s family – and nosy Detective Perez (Diana Maria Riva) – suspect foul play? 

One thing’s for sure: Jen and Judy’s already rocky friendship will be tested to the max. 

“They’ll just shake hands and move on,” Applegate joked to USA TODAY in an interview last year. “No. They’re not even, but it’s definitely, ‘You did this. I did this. Now we’ve got to work together.’ ” 

“There’s this idea of, ‘What is Judy going to do?’ once she realizes what Jen has done,” Cardellini adds. “I don’t know that all can be forgiven right away. That’s a pretty powerful conflict we now have with each other. Judy is still going to feel connected to (Steve), even if he was manipulative and terrible.” 


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