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Emily Miller Says She Was Sexually Harassed at NBC

Conservative pundit and former NBCer Emily Miller said she was sexually harassed when she used to work at the network.

Miller joined Fox News’ Howard Kurtz on Sunday to discuss Andy Lack’s step-down as NBC News and MSNBC chairman. She began by saying Lack’s suppression of Ronan Farrow’s Harvey Weinstein reporting will be a permanent stain on his legacy, and she also invoked the news that the New York Attorney General’s Office is now investigating NBC over harassment claims connected to Lack.

“When you worked at NBC News in the 1990s… did you have any experience with sexual harassment?” Kurtz asked Miller

“I did,” she answered. “I did suffer from sexual harassment and from older men and men in power. They made it very clear some of the exchanges that would have to happen in order for me to be promoted there. And I was so young, so naive I didn’t even really understand what was going on. I knew that I had to leave.”

When asked if any of these interactions were “physical,” Miller said “one was” and that everyone who harassed her still works for NBC. She also claimed to have evidence of the harassment she received at NBC and is willing to cooperate if law enforcement asks her to speak with them.

“He’s got his own issues and he’s been covering up for a lot of things going on in there,” Miller said of Lack. “NBC, which is supposedly a news organization, instead of actually investigating itself, having an outside law firm investigate it – which is how every other network that’s been caught up in this whole #MeToo system – is that they’ve had outside investigators look at what these accusations are. NBC has refused.”

After her segment, Miller engaged with her Twitter followers and emphasized her call for an investigation of NBC.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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