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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For The Mom Who Loves To Cook

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Whether it’s lemon squares or bubbling lasagna, there’s always one thing you can never make quite like your mom, even if you’re following her handwritten recipe word for word.

If you aren’t living under the same roof anymore, you probably miss a homemade meal from your mom now and again — even if it’s just the way she makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

But if your mom wears an apron proudly around the kitchen, you could be wondering what to get her. She already knows the secret to cutting an onion without crying and getting a flakiest crust possible on a pie, after all.

Still, there might be gadgets, tools and dishes that she doesn’t have or have been worn out from all the years of tasting and testing out recipes. From a splatter screen that’ll keep frying oil from leaping up onto the stovetop to a on-sale Le Creuset cookware that she’s dreamed of owning, we rounded up the best Mother’s Day gifts for the foodie mom.

Check out these gifts for the moms who are practically Michelin star chefs:

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