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Sneakbo: 9 Lives review – joie de vivre from Afro bashment star | Music

The story goes that south London rapper Agassi Odusina – known to most as Sneakbo – once turned into a black cat when visiting Brixton McDonald’s. It’s a tale he jokingly references with the title of his second album, along with its surreal artwork.

Sneakbo: 9 Lives.

Sneakbo: 9 Lives.

The name also highlights what the British-Nigerian artist has described as multiple situations that could have taken his life: “Yet here I am.” There’s definitely a joie de vivre that permeates the album, embellished by the easy, balmy swing of Afrobeats that often underpins his flow – Sneakbo is one of the founding fathers of Afro bashment, now a mainstay genre, which melds road rap with west African sonics and UK dancehall.

Sneakbo’s got a distinctive, smooth flow as he talks sex, police encounters, fame and the death of friends. There are undoubtedly some huge songs on here (Kida Kudz-featuring Love Is a Gamble is a standout, as is the airhorn-laden Outro) and lyricism that can be as thoughtful as it is catchy. But it’s hard for anything to really cut through when the record is 17 tracks long. Some greater refinement could have turned this from a solid album to something more sleek, slick and remarkable.

Watch the video for Sneakbo ft Kida Kudz’s Love Is a Gamble

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