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Reconsider decision to close Look Park

Published: 4/20/2020 8:48:50 AM

I’m writing to raise concern about the closing of Look Park. While I understand the closing of playgrounds and areas of congregating, why can’t we leave the park open for walkers while cordoning off the playgrounds?

Look Park is a vital place where all of us, but especially seniors and disabled people, can walk on level ground. The road through the park makes it very possible to keep 6 feet of distance between walkers. I visited there many times over the two weeks prior to its closure, and it wasn’t a problem to keep social distance.

As a therapist trying to help people through this prolonged crisis, I’m constantly stressing the value of outdoor exercise in reducing stress and coping with depression, anxiety and isolation. Closing Look Park cuts off a vital resource to our community’s walkers; I wish the mayor would reconsider this policy, continuing the closure of the playgrounds but opening the road to walkers and joggers.

Julie Mencher 


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