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Oprah Watches As Stedman Graham Gives Haircut In Lockdown, Giggles Ensue

Oprah Winfrey gave fans a sneak peak into the hottest spot in lockdown: “Stedman’s Barbershop.”

The 66-year-old shared an Instagram video of her long-term partner, Stedman Graham, testing his haircutting skills on Thando Dlomo, one of the stars of “Oprah’s Daughters.” 

Graham is carefully buzzing Dlomo’s hair while he tells her: “I’m going to get you fine.”

As Dlomo tells him the haircut is his “defining moment,” Winfrey can be heard giggling in the background. She also remarks at one point that the haircut doesn’t exactly look “better … just different.” 

“We’re all having to make do. With No hairdressers. No barbers. My daughter girl [Thando Dlomo] convinced [Stedman Graham] to give her a haircut. His first time with clippers. Stressful for some Hilarious for others,” she wrote in the caption alongside crying-laughing emoji.

Turns out, Stedman’s quite steady with the blade, because the final result came out great.

Dlomo shared a snapshot of the finished look on her own Instagram page,  writing: “WHEEEEW! It worked out, guys.”

She thanked Graham and Winfrey “for the moral support,” adding: “Lesson of the day: #TrustTheProcess.”

Winfrey has been posting often on social media about her time in lockdown, sharing photos and videos of her family keeping busy at home.

Earlier this month, she shared a video of herself reuniting with Graham after the pair were separated for 14 days. After returning home from traveling, Graham took up residence in the couple’s guest house for a self-quarantine to prevent the possible spread of coronavirus.

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