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'Not in use because of vandalism': Months after unrest, MTR facilities still await repair

Months after protesters damaged MTR facilities during citywide unrest, dozens of service machines continue to await repair due to coronavirus-related delays in delivering spare parts, according to the rail operator.

The MTR Corporation became the target of widespread vandalism last year after transporting police officers during closures and halting train services around marches, leaving protesters stranded.

Photo: May James/HKFP.

By the end of last year, 85 out of 93 MTR stations and 62 out of 68 Light Rail stops had been vandalised, according to the transit firm. Additionally, entry and exit gates were damaged more than 1,900 times, ticket-issuing machines and add-value machines 1,100 times, surveillance cameras 1,200 times, escalators nearly 120 times, lifts 80 times and entrance roller shutters 220 times, it estimated.

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