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Nancy Meyers Shares The Photo Of Her Kitchen You've Always Wanted

Any fan of the director and producer’s iconic filmography knows the significance of the Nancy Meyers kitchen. Everyone has a favorite (Meryl Streep’s stunner from “It’s Complicated” comes to mind). There are internet quizzes that help you determine which kitchen you “belong in” and articles that explore the psychology behind why we all want one.

But it’s pretty simple: Meyers’ kitchens are classic, chic and inviting — much like her own real-life “headquarters,” which she shared Sunday on Instagram.

The double island, the clean white cabinets contrasting with marble accents and wood floors, the gas range and double oven ― we can just picture Diane Keaton in a turtleneck pouring herself a glass of wine at the counter. And as it turns out, Meyers’ kitchen served “as inspo” for Keaton’s in “Something’s Gotta Give,” the director confirmed in comments on Instagram.

It also earned the approval of fellow master of aesthetic Ina Garten, who commented “Love your headquarters!! ❤️❤️❤️” on Meyers’ post.

Others (us) tucked the image away into our saved folder along with dreams of a future Meyers-esque kitchen of our own, while shoving dried goods into tiny cabinets and washing another dish by hand.

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