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More Americans say they have finances to wait out social distancing restrictions: poll

More Americans reported they have the finances to wait out social distancing restrictions “as long as is necessary,” according to a poll released Thursday

A new Gallup poll showed 59 percent of Americans said they could financially handle social distancing as long as needed, up from 55 percent who said the same two weeks ago. 

Meanwhile, the percentage of people already experiencing financial hardship remained steady at 8 percent. The percentage of respondents who said their finances could support them for a few more weeks or a few more months decreased slightly, within the 2 percentage point margin of error. 

Higher income groups were more likely to report being able to handle an indefinitely-long social distancing period, with 64 percent of those making over $90,000 and 58 percent of those making $36,000 to $89,999 agreeing. 

The lowest income bracket remained steady within the margin of error, with 49 percent saying they could handle social distancing as long as necessary.

The rise in respondents saying they can financially wait out social distancing might be attributed to receiving a stimulus check or decreased restrictions in some states and other areas, Gallup noted. But the percentage of people who are already experiencing financial hardship did not budge, suggesting they have not received relief in recent days. 

The percentage of parents with children under 18 who said they had the finances for more social distancing increased by 7 percentage points to 54 percent. Comparatively, a total of 61 percent of those without children said they could manage indefinite social distancing. 

The Gallup poll surveyed 7,902 U.S. adults aged 18 and older between April 20 and 26. The margin of error is 2 percentage points.

States across the country are preparing for reopening in efforts to get the economy moving again, but other states, particularly on the East and West coasts will remain shut down, The New York Times reported

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