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For Hong Kong, as for Catalonia, independence is the only hope

Catalonia – an autonomous region of Spain – had reported almost 9,000 coronavirus deaths by April 22. Despite the Catalan Department of Health’s new calcuation method, which incorporates deaths outside of hospitals, these figures are unlikely to account for the huge number of unverified people found dead in their own beds in places like nursing homes, as well as the countless others infected who lack access to tests. The outbreak is now out of control.

Photo: Studio Incendo.

In fact, when there were only 509 confirmed cases and six deaths in Catalonia, the (normally) autonomous regional government was already asking for the central government’s permission to close the borders of Catalonia to prevent the spread of the virus.

At first, they received no answer. But the President of the Catalan-speaking region Quim Torra was confident enough to assume the confinement of the autonomous community would go ahead: “The Mossos d’Esquadra [Catalan police force] has everything ready to confine Catalonia,” Torra announced, making clear that they would not act “in a unilateral manner” and would wait for the central government’s nod.

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