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Dr Hilary Jones' appearance distracts Good Morning Britain viewers with ‘rude’ tie print | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Dr Hilary Jones, 66, was on hand to present Good Morning Britain today alongside hosts Ben Shephard, 45, and Charlotte Hawkins, 44, giving his take on the unfolding coronavirus pandemic. The medical professional has become somewhat of a regular on the show since the world health crisis hit the UK and many ITV viewers have been encouraged by his advice. However, today he left them very distracted with his attire instead.


Always smartly dressed, Dr Hilary was wearing a suit once again which consisted of a grey jacket and white shirt.

The medical professional also thought he’d change things up a bit as he wore a patterned tie, with the image print completely innocent.

As the graphics were so small, viewers could only make out the shape of a bunny rabbit and were left wondering what type of bunny it was.

Those watching at home quickly took to Twitter, which led the presenter to address what they were actually seeing on his accessory piece.

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Taking to the social media platform, one distracted viewer wrote: “Can someone please tell me what the designs are on Dr H’s tie I think it might just be lockdown but they look rather rude.”

Another added on the micro-blogging site: “Is that the Playboy bunny on Dr H’s tie?”

The comments didn’t go unnoticed as almost two hours into today’s show, Ben addressed the commotion on Twitter.

“[Some of you] have been getting in touch about Dr Hilary’s tie this morning. Someone was wondering whether it was a Playboy bunny,” the host said.


Earlier on in the show, Dr Hilary addressed President Donald Trump’s, 73, the latest theories on how coronavirus could be treated.

The leader of the free world stated in a recent press conference ultraviolet light and disinfectant injections might help stop COVID-19 from spreading.

Of course, the medical professional debunked any idea these suggestions should be taken seriously as he voiced his concern over the comments on the show.

He told Lorraine Kelly, 60, his reaction was one of shock when he listened to what the American leader was talking about.

“Of course don’t do that at home. I mean, it’s a poison,” he opined.

“And then ultraviolet light? This is because he thinks the sun emanates from an orifice in his body, obviously.

“It’s just ridiculous. It would be funny if it weren’t quite so serious,” the medical professional added.

At the top of the show today, Dr Hilary also slammed the ideas as “crazy” after President Trump explained how disinfectant and ultraviolet light could be used as a treatment.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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