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Daphne Stevens: It could soon be game over without action

Published: 4/20/2020 8:53:05 AM

Those who survive this pandemic — those exhausted, those in mourning and those lacking food — will look around and ask how did our planet’s health get to this point? They won’t have the energy to fight for the Earth, our home, the one thing we could always count on.

Now is the time, while we are sheltering in place, to act. Fossil fuels are destroying the earth. You can make a positive change by removing any accounts and investments you have in the five following banks that are providing debt and equity financing for crude oil extraction in the Amazon, which is considered the earth’s lungs and is in serious trouble. The banks are: Citigroups, BlackRock, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and HSBC. These five institutions have made available tens of billions of dollars for oil companies. This could be game over unless you act now.

Daphne Stevens


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