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Coronavirus Ireland Latest Updates: 26 more deaths and 701 new cases confirmed

Independent.ie’s live blog is here to keep you informed of what’s going on in Ireland and across the world during the coronavirus pandemic.

09:20 27/04/2020

15 Kildare Gardaí transform their hair in support of hospital staff

Kildare Gardaí have participated in shaving and dyeing their hair or wearing a novelty wig, for a week in support of the staff at the Hospitals in Naas and Athy.

They decided to record and post the results on their social media platforms, while urging viewers to support the cause via their GoFundMe page.

09:00 27/04/2020

‘Quarter of UK GPs seeing Covid-19 patients without PPE’

One in four UK GPs have seen Covid-19 patients face to face without adequate protective equipment, a survey has found.

More than half (52pc) of doctors in general practice reported feeling unsafe at work due to a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE), while only a third (33%) said they had received an adequate supply of face masks.

The Government has come under mounting criticism over its ability to ensure frontline staff treating coronavirus patients have the protection they need.

More than 80 NHS workers are now confirmed to have died during the pandemic.

A survey of 675 GPs by Pulse magazine, the publication for GPs, found that around one in four (26pc) respondents reported seeing patients with Covid-19 while not wearing any protective equipment.

GPs reported difficulty accessing PPE, with only 13pc saying they have received adequate eye protectors, while 12pc said they have been provided with gowns.

Three-quarters (74pc) of GPs said they fear for their health and/or life.

8:15 27/04/2020

Lockdown delays supply lines and new warehouses

The coronavirus lockdown is disrupting the supply chains of most Irish firms and putting the essential construction of warehouses many months behind schedule.

An Ipsos MORI survey of 2,000 firms has found that about two-thirds of industrial, retail and construction companies are suffering supply-chain disruption.

Even a third of services firms – best positioned to work and trade online and least dependent on deliveries of physical goods – cite this as a problem.

That finding is within today’s monthly Bank of Ireland Economic Pulse.

07:40 27/04/2020

New Zealand looks to ease strict lockdown as case numbers fall

New Zealand is preparing to ease rules on a strict lockdown put in place to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The country reported five new Covid-19 cases on Monday but has not seen widespread community transition and will allow a partial reopening of the economy.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the country has so far managed to avoid the worst scenarios for an outbreak and would continue to hunt down the last few cases.

From midnight on Monday, certain businesses such as construction will be allowed to reopen, but social distancing rules will still apply.

07:00 27/04/2020

US states put business first by easing movement restrictions

Governors in several US states have begun easing lockdown measures, even as the country’s coronavirus death toll rapidly approaches 58,000 – as many American lives as were lost in the Vietnam War.

An additional 2,494 coronavirus deaths during Saturday brought the total number to almost 54,000, with that figure continuing to climb yesterday.

With a growing belief that the worst of the outbreak could be over, pressure is mounting for the lifting of some of the restrictions that have devastated the US economy. Anger and frustration have fuelled protests across the country. There is also mounting evidence that Americans are simply not complying with stay-at-home orders as quarantine fatigue takes hold.

Some businesses including garden centres and DIY stores have been allowed to reopen. She has also permitted outdoor activities including golf.

Other states have gone considerably further, notably Georgia, where governor Brian Kemp has given the green light to hairdressers, nail salons and tattoo parlours.

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