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Alex Trebek's 'Losers' Insult Of 'Jeopardy!' Contestant Resurfaces

Throwback Thursday produced a spirited debate on an old “Jeopardy!” episode in which host Alex Trebek pretty much called a contestant a loser.

The wisecrack made the Twitter rounds after “Jeopardy!” announced this week it would air classic reruns in May. The game show shut down tapings in March amid the rising coronavirus pandemic.

In the 2016 episode, Trebek was interviewing eventual winner Susan Cole of Maryland, who perhaps overshared on her and fellow fans’ enthusiasm for “nerdcore hip-hop.”

“It’s people who identify as nerdy, rapping about the things they love, video games, science fiction, having a hard time meeting romantic partners, you know. It’s really catchy and fun,” Cole said.

“Losers, in other words,” Trebek snapped.

Trebek’s teasing has aged well, according to some commenters, who praised his timing and called him a “national treasure.”

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