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Why 1933's original film is still the best by far

In 1933's 'King Kong,' the colossal creature climbs atop New York's Empire State Building, snatching a fighter plane as he's attacked.

I’d wager that most of you have not seen “King Kong” on a big screen. I mean a big screen in a movie theater, not in your living room. And I don’t mean the hokey 1976 Dino De Laurentiis remake, or Peter Jackson’s overlong 2005 remake. I mean the original 1933 masterpiece that combined action, adventure, romance, horror, fantasy and a rip-roaring story that made audiences back then drop their jaws and widen their eyes.

Well, here’s some good news. Despite all of the advances in sight and sound and effects in today’s movies, “King Kong” still stands tall as a groundbreaking piece of jaw-dropping, eye-widening entertainment. And it’s returning to cinemas for one day via Fathom Events on Sunday. Here are a few reasons to see it.

Adventure moviemaker Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) has an idea for his next film, involving something there that no civilized person has ever seen. Or as he puts it to the feisty young actress Ann Darrow (Fay Wray), “I’ve got a job for you. It’s money and adventure and fame! It’s the thrill of a lifetime! And a long sea voyage that starts at 6 tomorrow morning!”

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