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Wexford publican delivering pints to loyal elderly customers 'just to give them a bit of company'

A Wexford publican is delivering pints to his loyal elderly customers so that he can give them company and “break up their day a bit”.

immy Fleming, owner of Jimmyz pub in Riverchapel, Co Wexford, is delivering drinks to different customers every evening in an effort to lighten spirits during coronavirus isolation.

Mr Fleming said: “I’m picking out two or three elderly customers every evening and just bringing them up their favorite tipple and having a chat for a few minutes just to break up their evening a bit.

“Most of them don’t drive so they can’t really get around or anything so it’s just a way to reach out and give them a bit of company as well – from a bit of distance.


A pint of Guinness sitting in his car ready to be delivered.

“I’ve gotten a great reaction, but it’s just something to give back to the people and the community and it’s a great feeling.

“It’s something to do for me during the day as well and to give back because they’ve been giving me business for years.”

While he said he fully respects the reasoning behind it, Mr Fleming said that he is worried about the effect the Government’s request for licensed premises to close will have on pubs like his.

The request has been followed by most pubs since March 15, but after reports of some pubs remaining open, Health Minister Simon Harris said that pubs that do so will be forced to shut.

A warning over the reissuing of licences to pubs who do not follow the Government’s advice has meant that the majority have shut their doors, but according to Mr Fleming this has come at the worst possible time, and many pubs won’t be able to reopen.

“A lot of pubs aren’t going to reopen after this because they can’t afford it. The overheads are all still there and the utility bills are all still there but there’s nothing coming in,” he said.

“It’s tough times. I would have had Paddy’s Day, there were three confirmations for Friday and Mother’s Day today – that would have been a huge week for me.

“You have just turned the corner from the quiet times of January and February and you’re just looking forward to March and kicking into your busy time and it just all falls flat on its face then, Easter will be gone now too.”

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