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Weight loss shock transformation: Diet & exercise plan helped woman shed 9st in 9 months

While following the plan, she ditched takeaway meals and focused on eating healthier foods.

In the first few months, Kerry managed to drop an impressive amount of weight.

She explained: “Each week my counsellor helped me discover the reasons behind why I had been overeating, and how I could create a healthier relationship with both myself and food.

“Three months in, I had lost just over three stone. But then something happened that had the power to throw me off course.”

Kerry noticed her health improving as she started to lose weight. 

“I saw health improvements too. Whilst on plan I was getting more vitamins and minerals, from my Foodpacks, than I did when I was consuming conventional food,” the expert said.

“I was delighted when I went for blood tests and the results revealed that my anaemia had gone.”

As well as following a healthy diet plan, Kerry became more active with the help of a new furry friend.

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