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Trump can't play a president on TV, even amid a coronavirus pandemic

President Donald Trump had a dramatic change in demeanor early this week regarding the coronavirus pandemic, much to the surprise of his critics and members of the White House press corps. He seemed calm, reasonable and properly presidential, and warned that the crisis could run to August or longer. He dismissed questions about the impact on Wall Street by correctly stating that the way to rescue the economy was to defeat the virus. He comforted the nation until, just as abruptly, he flipped again. 

Trump is back to making a mockery of daily briefings and fostering confusion among Americans at a time when they are desperate for straight talk. As the nation struggles with an unpredictable pandemic it shouldn’t have to endure an unpredictable president. 

Following Trump’s briefing Friday that included a bizarre outburst at NBC’s Peter Alexander, John King of CNN called the president’s words “bulls—t” and “reprehensible.” Jonathan Karl from ABC said it was “outrageous to use the presidential bully pulpit to bully” Alexander.

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