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Tracks of the week reviewed: Róisín Murphy, Dixie Chicks, Jarv Is... | Music

Róisín Murphy
Murphy’s Law

If you are undecided as to whether Róisín is single-handedly reviving disco (she is), then this, clocking in at a portly seven minutes and 59 seconds, gives you ample time to make up your mind (though she is). It’s a frothing Jacuzzi of fag-in-hand, bum-waggling 3am funk, and if anyone has earned the right to pun a song after themselves, it’s Róisín Murphy. For a follow-up, may we suggest a ballad about inner strength called Murphy’s Stout? Make it happen, Róisín. Róisín? Hello? Oh, she’s gone.

Empress Of
Give Me Another Chance

This sultry opening salvo from Lorely Rodriguez’s third album suggests a welcome sashay to the dancefloor: slabs of 90s synths, preening pop melodies and Balearic percussion; shoving the lot through a big filthy old mincer. You will dance, and you’ll enjoy it, but you’ll need to shower afterwards, and your mum won’t approve. The only real criticism is the constant susurrus of vinyl crackle underneath, which, as with Stephen Mulhern, you keep hoping will go away, but doesn’t. Other than that: excellent.

Dixie Chicks

Some things that are preferable to country music: a) Being sick and some of it coming out of your nose; 2) Someone at work telling you about a “really weird dream” they had; 3) A police horse kicking you in the genitals. So it is a genuine surprise that this occasionally epic yee-haw stompalong, the band’s first since 2006, is as much fun as it is, particularly considering the subject matter of singer Natalie Maines’s ex being a throbbing and profound wazzock. Good to have them back.

Jarv Is…
House Music All Night Long

Such is Jarvis Cocker’s standing as a national treasure, he could release a four-minute supercut of dog flatulence and screaming and we would all demand he got a knighthood. So this being as good as it is feels sort of unnecessary: vaguely baroque yet smothered in Tron synths, vaguely sinister yet crescendoing joyously. Jarv is … great. Knight him already!

Katy Perry
Never Worn White

This bubblegum piano weepie about Perry’s undying love for renowned talent, wit and raconteur Orlando Bloom is what happens when you combine one of those “LOVING MY BAE TODAY SO BLESSED XXX” Facebook updates with a team of songwriters of wholly negotiable integrity: so bad it actually, physically gives off an odour. Perry also used the video to announce her pregnancy. Jesus, somebody crack a window or something.

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