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Take virus seriously or risk season

Since we began shutting down sports a little more than a week ago, the college football world has fallen quiet. 

Spring practice is canceled. Players have gone home. There’s a tense uncertainty, as in all areas of life right now, about when business as usual will resume. 

But more college football coaches should step up and join LSU’s Ed Orgeron on the front line of public awareness on how to slow the COVID-19 pandemic, because only college football coaches have the ability to deliver a message that will scare everyone straight: If we don’t get this thing under control, the 2020 season could be in trouble. 

Is that dramatic? Yes. But for a lot of people who are still resistant to the idea of social distancing during these crucial days and weeks ahead, it might be the only threat that sinks in. 

It also happens to be true.

While most of us are under the impression that things will generally return to normal this summer and the college football season will kick off on schedule, the lack of certainty about what the country is going to look like in August and September is the elephant in the room for every athletics director. 

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