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Taiwan should join the WHO. Coronavirus doesn't care about politics

At a time when markets are rattled and health experts are worried about a global pandemic potentially sparking a world-wide recession, membership in the World Health Organization is a small measure of security. Nearly every country is a member of WHO, including small island nations such as Tuvalu and Tonga. Several other non-UN members have been granted observer status such as Palestinethe Holy See and Order of Malta

As members of the WHO in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, each tiny nation is eligible to exchange ideas and research on public health and hygiene, access the latest information from on the ground experts on disease outbreaks and share the latest development on new vaccines and therapeutics.

That matters a lot when a new disease like COVID-19 emerges as happened last December. The novel coronavirus has brought more than 109,000 confirmed cases and more than 3,600 deaths around the world, including new cases all over the United States.

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