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Stimulus deal is 'done'; US deaths, cases; Prince Charles

The Senate will reconvene at noon to take up the $2 trillion stimulus deal reached Wednesday that includes direct payments to most Americans and an unprecedented amount of money to small businesses.

Also Wednesday, it was revealed that Britain’s Prince Charles tested positive for the virus. And stock futures were mixed following a historic rally Tuesday.

The stimulus deal was revealed at about 1 a.m. following five days of talks. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called it a “bipartisan agreement on the largest rescue package in history.” The Senate will hold a vote to end debate and clear the way for final Senate passage, likely later Wednesday.

After its expected passage, the bill goes to the House for a vote before heading to President Donald Trump’s desk. The deal comes as confirmed cases in America, now over 55,000, have been climbing at an exponential rate – especially in New York – and more are expected as the U.S. increases testing.

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