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Send us your Pioneer Valley cancellations and events

Published: 3/16/2020 3:03:06 PM

As we’ve reported in this paper, events and gatherings of all types have been canceled in droves, and very few remain.

At the same time, new events and projects are popping up in response to the coronavirus, as many people are looking to engage with one another while still maintaining social distance to avoid spreading disease.

As such, our events calendar will not be taking its usual form. We will no longer be constructing our event calendar through our normal event page system. Instead, calendar editor Brenda Nelson will be compiling lists of both cancellations and new events that will be posted on the Gazette’s website as well as posted to our social media. We will be experimenting with how to convey the rapidly changing event landscape in print, as well.

Do you have a cancellation you fear people have not heard about? Do you have a new event you’ve developed in response to the coronavirus you want to announce?

The best way to be in touch is at bnelson@gazettenet.com. Email is preferred, as some of our staff are working remotely, but phone messages can also be left at 413 585 5229.

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