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RuPaul’s Drag Race recap: season 12, episode four | Television & radio

After a bumpy start, this year’s Drag Race is swiftly proving to be a divisive season. And you know what, I love it. Viewers may claim to hate divisiveness and controversy, but much like Peter Andre circa 2004, Blake Lively’s hair, Kit-Kat Chunkies, Rishi Sunak, and kebab flavoured crisps (available at obscure Turkish corner shops everywhere) we all secretly crave it. But that’s a self-isolation confessional for another time.

So as Nicky would say – vous êtes prêt? (Get that girl a sponsorship deal – we can see it now, Nicky Doll in a sleek red and white number, storming out of Pret with an egg & cress sandwich dribbling down her chin, screaming “VOUS ETES PRET?” at passers by).

It begins with the Sherry Pie statement AGAIN. They really are going to show it every single episode. For a loooooong time. Is this a good idea? Will the show suffer if viewers are constantly reminded it was fairly heavily built around a contestant with the moral capacity of a stockpiling stoat? Side bar: We have it on good authority that the show has in fact done a swift re-edit of this season to bury the Pie (is that a euphemism? It sounds like one. If it wasn’t before, it is now). Sherry only appeared in the interview room clips ONCE in episode three, and yet won the main challenge. Wild!

Jaida touches on “mixed emotions” while simultaneously looking utterly, confidently emotionless. Aiden rightly brings up the fact that she chose her team well in the last episode. Brita is being arrogant and abrasive again. We thought we loved Brita in episode 1 but now we’re … not so sure.


This week’s minichallenge involves getting into “bee drag” and doing a dance called “the beehive jive” to raise awareness for the planet’s declining bee population. Ru refers to Widow as “Cardi Bee” which is enjoyable. Aiden is hilarious. We’re not sure what’s going on, but it gets points for obscurity and ecological value. Ru fracking LOVES the environment!

RuPaul’s Drag Race

BONUS BEE: @jaidaehall 🐝 #DragRace pic.twitter.com/0m8XF1wd6z

March 21, 2020

Sport your engines

UH-OH. This week’s challenges are sports-themed and the girls are understandably triggered. Many – not all but MANY – gay men know all too viscerally that feeling of unbridled blind panic when someone kicks a ball your way in the park. Do I dodge it?! Do I grab it?! Do I … KICK IT BACK?!

They’re tasked with turning out three sports-orientated looks – “Lady Baller”, “Basketball Wife Realness” and “Balls To The Wall Eleganza”. The producers have got those fridge magnets out again!

This is great though. They’ve clearly clocked that the best bit of the show by far is the runway. Also interesting that the third look has to be designed and built from scratch. Like the good old days! We can’t wait for Heidi’s. Gigi is worried that Nicky “has her concept together”. That’s the thing with concepts, Gigi! They have a nasty habit of coming together! Brita also has a concept, but doesn’t know how to bring it together. Concepts, concepts, concepts.

Rock M Sakura performs an incredible cosplay trick, crafting a cast of her body from duct tape, which she then uses as the base of her outfit. Brita says she’s “concerned” and that it looks like “a science fair project gone wrong”. Well Brita, YOUR outfit is currently a giant inflatable yellow ball and nothing else, so you can shut up.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

.@RockMSakura baby what is you doing?! 🤭#DragRace pic.twitter.com/1pcOLnM3VS

March 21, 2020

Despite some shady edits and quick asides, the ladies are mostly having a laugh and getting on well in the workroom. Positive energy and solidarity. You love to see it! Jaida says “normally I’m not the type to be running around playing with white balls”. Oh Jaida.

Sissy That Walk

We’re on the runway and Ru stalks in with a glissade of Quality Street gorgeousness, hair scraped back into a BEEhive – absolutely stunning, perhaps her best look of this season. Leslie Jones is EXHAUSTING already but it’s brilliant. She’s filming on her phone, she’s singing, she’s mouthing along to the catchphrases. It’s like they’ve invited one of us on to score. It’s great when the judges give 50,000%.

Leslie Jones 🦋

Omg omg omg omg I’m so gagging it was the best thing I’ve ever done!! AAAAAAAAAA!! pic.twitter.com/dTOg20BDXK

March 21, 2020

The “balls” puns are flying everywhere, Leslie Jones is TREMBLING, and first up, it’s the “Lady Baller” category, emulating ladies who play ball! Lady Gaga’s Superbowl Halftime Show has definitely had a heavy influence here. Rock’s tetherball wig is genius and UNIQUE. Jaida, as always, is drop dead stunning – her energy on the runway is spellbinding. Jan has chopped up loads of footballs and made them into a suit and the result is gorge.

Next up; Basketball Wife. Nicki Doll is looking distinctly Gossip Girl mum and we’re obsessed. Rock is transformed in a more stereotypically sexy but much more generic drag look – this is good though, Michelle will be pleased and it will keep her safe. We must protect Rock M Sakura at all costs! Gigi positively slithers down the runway looking 10/10 stunning. Obsessed.

Lastly, Balls To The Wall Eleganza, hand-crafted by the girls rather than pre-bought. Aiden’s look is dreadful. So is Brita’s. In fact, none of them are AMAZING. Crystal and Jackie’s are probably the best. And Gigi is the overall winner.


Gigi Goode served eleganza in that runway in the main stage and she freaking deserves that win 🔥🔥 ,,, don’t try me #DragRace pic.twitter.com/XLHp5b06cy

March 21, 2020

Lipsync for your LIFE

Rock and Brita are up for elimination and Aiden is safe. WHAAAAAT? Leslie Jones whispers “do this shit!” to Rock. Aaaw. The song is S&M by Rihanna. Incredible. But Rock is going home. What. Has. Happened.

Brian Scally

Gone WAY WAY WAYYYYY too soon. Give me more Rock M Sakura #DragRace pic.twitter.com/SbNHT2TpS7

March 21, 2020

Notes and observations

Shadiest moment The editing cutting away from Michelle MID-SENTENCE.

Catchphrase watch “vous êtes prêt?”

Animal print hunt It’s positively CARNIVEROUS this week, at seventeen items; Aiden’s leopard print dress, Crystal’s leopard print shirt, Crystal’s leopard print neckerchief, Gigi’s snakeskin coat, Gigi’s Snakeskin and ALL the girls in bee stripes!

Just between us squirlfriends We can’t believe Rock has gone. We are NEVER watching this show again. Well, until next week. We actually quite like Aiden, but the fact that he is in this competition makes no sense. If we’re being cynical – this probably happened so people would talk about it. If Aiden had gone, no-one would have discussed it because no-one would have been surprised. Or that disappointed. Sigh.

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