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Rooming With Your Younger Brother

Their apartment, although sunny and spacious, is not in the same league as the one on Fifth Avenue that Ms. Kedra had to leave after new owners, who plan to convert the 54-unit building to a condominium, pushed everyone out.

“It was nice, it was so nice. Everyone was, like, ‘This is the nicest apartment I’ve ever seen,’” said Ms. Kedra, who also loved the building’s vibe. Many tenants had lived there for decades, and the old owners, whose other properties were luxury buildings, would hold happy hours on the roof.

“You’d go to do laundry, and they’d be, like, ‘Win free BeyoncĂ© tickets,’” she said. “It was the saddest thing to leave. I was sad, my friends were sad, the super was sad, everyone in the building was sad.”

But she is glad that moving out laid the groundwork for another fantastic experience: getting to live with her brother again. “We’re friends and siblings — it’s great,” Ms. Kedra said.

In the evenings, they eat dinner together, then watch movies or play video games, if work allows.

“Before, I never had anything in the fridge,” Ms. Kedra said. “Now we cook together all the time. Although he says I’m not a good cook.”

Mr. Kedra countered: “We make sandwiches; it always turns out good.”

On the weekends, they take the train into Manhattan to bike around Central Park, go to movies at South Street Seaport or eat noodles at Xi’an Famous Foods on St. Marks Place.

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