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Reporters Sanitize Seats Ahead of Coronavirus Briefing

When a live stream is posted ahead of a briefing, there’s always a period of time when the cameras are on but nothing is happening before everything gets underway. Usually in those minutes of downtime you see reporters milling about a crowded briefing room, talking to one another, using their phones, or doing stand-ups for their networks.

In a sign of the times, the socially distanced briefing room had a different feeling ahead of Saturday’s Covid-19 task force update.

The decidedly not crowded room was pretty quiet, as reporters busily sanitized, sterilized, and generally de-germed their assigned seats. Or as Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher referred to it on Twitter, they were on “cootie patrol.”

No matter where you look, you cannot help but see the changes big and small brought on by the pandemic and our response to it.

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