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Rahm Emanuel on Trump Reaction If Coronavirus Cancels Rallies

As the panel on ABC’s This Week discussed the impact of coronavirus, Rahm Emanuel said that if there comes a point where candidates cannot hold rallies, that would drive President Donald Trump crazy.

Chris Christie recalled how he was Governor of New Jersey during Hurricane Sandy and said “the only way that you reassure people is to be strong, to be a plan, and to be aggressive.”

George Stephanopoulos noted how sometimes when government leaders tell people not to panic, people panic.

Emanuel ripped the Trump administration’s response before bringing up the rally issue:

“You’re going to have a point within two months where you cannot have big events together… [Trump] is not going to be able to have his rallies, and it is going to psychologically — the office is isolating enough, and his inability to get the admiration, the adulation from that crowds is going to psychologically torment him, and his isolation is going to get more intense and his tweets are going to get more vicious.”

You can watch above, via ABC.

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