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Ohio prisons publishing daily coronavirus statistics; nobody has it yet - News - The Columbus Dispatch

Amid fears that coronavius could rampage through the state’s prisons, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction is publishing daily statistics about its surveillance of the disease.

As of Thursday, 16 had been tested for COVID-19, 12 had tested negative and four tests were pending. That means nobody so far has tested positive. The prison system also is breaking out those numbers by facility.

The statistics are available online at https://www.drc.ohio.gov/Organization/Research/Reports/COVID-19-Information.

Numerous groups, including the ACLU of Ohio, have expressed worries that those held in Ohio’s prisons and jails are especially vulnerable to an outbreak of coronavirus, which is especially dangerous to people who are older or who have other health problems.

Last week, prisons director Annette Chambers-Smith outlined extensive steps the prison system is taking to protect staff and inmates, including frequent cleaning, keeping the same groups together and holding newcomers separate from the others for five weeks.



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