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Norah Jones debuts single from 'Pick Me Up Off the Floor'

Norah Jones will release her seventh album in May.

Norah Jones is out with a new single, a collaboration with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy.

“I’m Alive” will be featured on Jones’ upcoming seventh album, “Pick Me Up Off the Floor,” due out May 8.

Jones handles vocals and plays piano while Tweedy is on electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass. Tweedy’s son, Spencer, tackles the drums. Despite the song’s easy-listening vibe, it tackles hard subjects. 

In her smooth-yet-raspy voice, Jones sings such lyrics as: “She’s crushed by thoughts // At night of men // Who want her rights // And usually win // But she’s alive // Oh, she’s alive” and “He screams, he shouts // The heads on the TV bow // They take the bait // They mirror waves of hate.” 

Jones’ most recent album, “Day Breaks,” dropped in 2016. Since then, she’s focused on short sessions with a variety of collaborators.

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