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NCAA seniors fell anguish of missing March Madness

As reality sinks in, the pain is also beginning to take full effect for college basketball seniors.

In the aftermath of the NCAA tournament being cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, those players are coming to grips with their careers ending abruptly, costing them an opportunity to experience their own One Shining Moment. 

“Once the tournament was cancelled, it took me a while to realize my career was over just out of nowhere,” said Utah State senior guard Sam Merrill, who hit a game-winning three-pointer to help the Aggies upset San Diego State in the Mountain West Tournament final — claiming the league’s automatic bid to the NCAAs. “Everything we worked for last summer and this season was based on getting back to the NCAA tournament, and it’s tough to have that opportunity taken away by an unfortunate circumstance out of our control. We felt like we could do something special. Now that’s gone.” 

Utah State guard Sam Merrill reacts to losing against the Washington Huskies in the first round of the 2019 NCAA Tournament. Merrill was ready to make noise with the Aggies in the 2020 NCAA tournament before it was cancelled.

More than 800 college basketball players would have participated in the bracket of 67 games across 14 sites in the NCAA tournament’s three weeks starting Tuesday. With March Madness serving as the pinnacle of players’ seasons and careers, Thursday’s news brought a sudden and shocking end.

“Suddenly, the game isn’t there anymore,” said Belmont senior Tyler Scanlon, who never got to play in the NCAA tournament. “It didn’t happen the way it was supposed to. We didn’t lose. That’s what makes all of this so eerie.” 

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