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NBA mobilizes to assist during COVID-19 pandemic

The NBA knows how to mobilize, especially in difficult times.

In the days since coronavirus (COVID-19) not only suspended the NBA season but brought everyday life to a near standstill, the league has found ways to help through its NBA Cares program — from NBA and WNBA players and teams donating money to assist out-of-work arena workers, public-service announcements from players to mental health assistance to helping kids stay active and healthy during this time.

“There’s no group of people who can contribute as much as our players can in terms of getting the message out,” NBA president of social responsibility and player programs Kathy Behrens told USA TODAY Sports. “Obviously, the people on the front lines, the health-care workers, the people who are essential employees who are going in every day, that’s a whole other level of sacrifice.

“But everybody in the world right now has to do something, has to sacrifice something. We know that our players have a reach and have a platform and people are listening to them.”

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