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Manufacturing group plans bus tour to 2020 conventions

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) announced plans to kick off a months-long bus tour, aimed at connecting manufacturers with candidates and promoting civic engagement, the group first told The Hill.

The tour will kick off at the Democratic National Convention, slated to be held in July in Milwaukee, with a stop planned at the Republican National Convention being held in August in Charlotte, N.C., before the tours ends in November. They plan on visiting nearly 70 manufacturing companies in 20 states during the tour.

The tour, named the AEM 2020 Manufacturing Express, is to highlight the importance of equipment manufacturing to communities. AEM plans to have elected officials and candidates explain to voters their plans for the future of American manufacturing.

“U.S. voters have already declared 2020 the ‘Manufacturing Election,’” AEM Senior Vice President of Government and Industry Relations Kip Eideberg said in a statement. “AEM is revved up and ready to go in advocating for pro-manufacturing policies that will help our industry and our workers excel in a competitive global economy.” 

Ninety-one percent of registered voters say manufacturing is critical or important to the economy, according to AEM. Additionally, over three-quarters of registered voters want to know how presidential candidates will support and grow manufacturing. 

“Voters look to elected officials and candidates to support pro-manufacturing policies. That means supporting free and fair trade, infrastructure investment, strong agricultural communities, and training the next generation of America’s workforce, all of which is critically important to the 2.8 million men and women of our industry,” said Jeff Reed, AEM board chair and president & CEO of Reed International/VSS Macropaver, in a statement.

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