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Maeve is back in "Winter Line"

Spoiler alert! The following contains details from “Westworld” Season 3, Episode 2, “The Winter Line.”

It’s good to see you too, Maeve. 

Everyone’s favorite animatronic madam turned robot-controlling revolutionary (played by Thandie Newton), was noticeably absent from the Season 3 premiere of “Westworld” (save for a fleeting post-credits scene many viewers may have missed). But Sunday’s second episode, “The Winter Line,” focuses almost exclusively on her (although unfortunately, we still have to watch Bernard make a bunch of dumb decisions and endure a horribly awkward “Game of Thrones” cameo). 

“Winter Line” had far more momentum than the poky episode last week. Although Maeve didn’t get very far in terms of physical movement, watching her work through crises and escapes is far more engaging than watching Dolores do the same, even if  Evan Rachel Wood gives her dully-written renegade as much verve as she can. The introduction of Serac (Vincent Cassel) as a new antagonist for Dolores (and maybe another evil tech trillionaire villain for the rest of the world?) is also promising. But let’s not skip ahead. 

Maeve wakes up to a whole new world on

The episode opens with Maeve in a World War II-era skirt suit in a European village under siege by Nazis. She appears to be playing along until Hector (Rodrigo Santoro) walks in. He’s now dressed as a bearded resistance fighter and talking about escape. She thinks he’s trying to take her out of Delos until she realizes that he’s talking about escaping the Nazis – they’re stuck in a Delos loop. Heartbroken, she lets him die and kills herself. 

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