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Love Letter: Too Much Time Together, and Apart

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With many couples now confined to their homes because of the new coronavirus pandemic, some face new challenges as they adjust to the strain of being stuck together for who-knows-how-long. Here’s how to keep your relationship sane when the walls feel like they’re closing in.

In a time when social distancing has become the new normal, singles are discovering creative ways to find love. Some are taking a cue from the hit Netflix dating series “Love Is Blind,” and turning their rooms into digital dating pods with the help of a new social experiment led by the Love Is Quarantine Instagram account, where singles can sign up for phone dates.

And, as the spread of the virus forces some couples to postpone their weddings, others rushed to their local marriage bureaus in hopes of getting married sooner than later. If you’re wondering if you can still get married at City Hall in New York, unfortunately, the window has closed. The Manhattan Marriage Bureau, which was still operating and performing weddings earlier this week, officially closed today.

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