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Late-night hosts react to Tom Brady leaving the Patriots

Even as late-night shows have been forced to improvise during the coronavirus pandemic, a number of hosts have continued to produce content from home, giving the world jokes about COVID-19, St. Patrick’s Day, and Tom Brady leaving the Patriots.

Jimmy Fallon, who hosted a shortened show from his home with his wife operating the camera, riffed on the fact that Brady announced his departure on St. Patrick’s Day.

“Some big sports news today: Tom Brady announced that he’s leaving the Patriots on St. Patrick’s Day,” Fallon said. “Yikes. For Boston, that’s like getting dumped on your birthday. At least Brady’s announcement gave ESPN something to talk about. Yesterday, on SportsCenter, they were airing the NBA’s best bounce passes of 2009.”

Jimmy Kimmel, who also hosted from home, followed struck a similar tone.

“Tom Brady, for whatever reason, chose today, St Patrick’s Day, to announce he’s leaving the Patriots,” Kimmel said. “And for people from Boston, this is like if Santa died on Christmas. This is terrible. Tom tweeted a message to his fans, saying he is ‘forever a Patriot no matter what.’ And he is, except for next season and for every other season he plays after that.”

Trevor Noah didn’t host an episode of “The Daily Show,” but he did post a pair of Brady jokes on Twitter, riffing on the St. Patrick’s Day timing and recruiting a new “Daily Show” correspondent who sounds suspiciously like Brady.

Host Stephen Colbert stayed away from Brady during his at-home monologue, but he did a joke in about the Dropkick Murphys and their St. Patrick’s Day livestreamed concert, “Streaming Up from Boston.”

“Many St. Patrick’s Day traditions have changed this year. For example, due to coronavirus concerns, the band the Dropkick Murphys will livestream their annual St. Patrick’s Day concert,” Colbert said. “I never thought I’d say this, but thank you, Dropkick Murphys, for setting a good example for young people. Let’s not just flatten the curve, let’s dropkick the curve!”


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